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Dallas, a modern metropolis in north Texas, is a commercial and cultural hub of the region. 

Here at Dallas Garage Door Service we are very pleased to announce that we are now offering one of the best garage door repair services you could get in the region of Dallas, we can help you with any kind of problem you are dealing at your house, marketplace or industrial building, fixing or replacing components in garage door, reworking the connection system, fixing your broken springs, repairing your openers and dealing with broken remotes, and having the best customer satisfaction are our objectives at Garage Doors Dallas. 


If you’re concerned about safety at your place because you are having problems with your Garage door, it might be stuck and you can’t do much about it. Do not think about it twice and give us a call at Dallas Garage Door Repair, you will be able to speak with our highly experienced team that will listen to your necessities and problem and will develop the best solution for you when it comes to fixing and/or replacing the garage door components, strings, remotes and connections.


We have the largest stock in the region to supply you with the best materials and gear to repair your garage door. Because of the big stock we have, we can supply you with the best options to meet your budget. When it comes to broken springs, do not waste your time. 


Just get in touch with us and we will support you with our wide variety of springs with reasonable prices, remember when you change one spring is important that you have in mind that all springs must be changed because they have had the same use. 


So if you have a broken spring or a stretched spring, let us come to your place and fix them, replace them or do the respective calibration so the garage door works smoothly to accomplish our objective of giving you the best repair service.


Here at Dallas Garage Door Service we are always ready to help you with any trouble you have concerning garage doors, like fixing or replacing your garage door openers and remote controllers, if your garage door system is really deficient and it is making you lift the garage door with your hands, call us and we will get that fixed in record time, if there are elements that are broken in your garage door opener we will fix them, we always can supply you with all the new parts you need, always being able to meet any requirements you have. 


Programming and repairing remote controllers is something that we are especially good at. We can teach you how to change batteries, or get new ones as well, in case you need more than one. So don’t hesitate. 


Just contact us by email or phone, and our skilled personnel and they will give you a free quote with the technical assistance to evaluate the problems you have at your home, business or industrial building. Call us now at Garage Doors Dallas.



Once you get a quote from them and you decide to move forward with the project. I can easily say your in great hands. No worries no gimmicks no surprises.

He did an amazing job and taught me how to use the pin to tighten the spring if I needed to. He also fixed the leaning of our gate so that it closes with ease. Very professional and great.

They were professional, nice, fast, and added a part to my gate to place my crowbar when opening, to avoid it leaving marks on my driveway. Thank you again guys.