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Dallas, a modern metropolis in north Texas, is a commercial and cultural hub of the region. 

If you ever need a garage door opener that works flawlessly and is strong enough to lift your garage door gate, Garage Doors Dallas is offering a wide assortment of options. We are always thinking about what you would like to obtain, the best openers you can buy, or providing you with the best conditions and technology available. 


Garage door openers are pieces of machinery that allow you to lift the garage door gates on demand, and are commanded by a switch or a remote controller.


Dallas Garage Door Service is going to help you with anything you may want to acquire related to garage door openers. If you are having problems with one of your garage door openers, we will be glad to support you and aid you with your matters at any time, trying to provide you the best possible solution that fits you, we are always pleased to find the best garage door for you.  


We know that you want an opener that is handy and has a reasonable price as well. We have a lot of different garage door opener systems in stock. We are happy to play a big part in the field of supplying units, materials and installation on any type of garage door. So we can always give our clients the newest options available in the business, and guaranteeing client satisfaction.


Chain Drive Opener


If you are in need of a strong reliable and efficient opener the chain drive opener is the best option for you in the market, it will give you that extra power you need to operate your garage door. It might be loud, but it has the power needed to raise those sturdy and heavy doors, and that makes up for the noise it makes, these chain drive openers, are the ones recommended for high security garage doors, since they can’t be lifted manually. In the case your power supply gets cut off, we include batteries in the package.


Belt Drive Opener


This openers can lift heavy doors. They can be quite strong too but can operate silently. This way you won’t have to worry or wake your neighbors up in the middle of the night. 


They also come with battery backups in case the power gets cut off, you can also control it entirely from your mobile device or smartphone.


Shaft Drive Opener


If you are looking to cover a high structure your best option is to acquire the shaft drive opener. Surprisingly, it doesn’t make noise, is really resistant and reliable. It doesn’t cover much space either and saves electricity, which makes it one of the best choices in the market. 


Here at Garage Doors Dallas all of our skilled experts excel at the installation of all these openers. We are highly professional, and well prepared for all the different outcomes of the installation. We will always make sure the job is completed perfectly and timely. 


The tools and parts that we utilize during our services are only the best and have the highest quality. Thanks to years of training our technicians will install your opener in a blink of an eye, and with time we have discovered how to improve our services by bringing you all different kinds of solutions for your problems.


Once you get a quote from them and you decide to move forward with the project. I can easily say your in great hands. No worries no gimmicks no surprises.

He did an amazing job and taught me how to use the pin to tighten the spring if I needed to. He also fixed the leaning of our gate so that it closes with ease. Very professional and great.

They were professional, nice, fast, and added a part to my gate to place my crowbar when opening, to avoid it leaving marks on my driveway. Thank you again guys.